Yuval Bar-Or Speaker

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or is a leading expert in decision-making in the context of risk. He has lectured extensively in academic and professional settings on the subjects of decision making, risk management, and financial literacy.

He has also been sought-after as a commentator and has been quoted in various media, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Baltimore Sun, TheStreet.com, American Public Media, Bankrate.com, Washingtonian, Investopedia.com, AdvisorOne.com, InvestmentNews.com, The Arizona Republic, Consumers Digest, FoxBusiness.com, US News & World Report, Treasury & Risk, Morningstar.com, RIABiz.com, cdtv.net, and The Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions. Please click here for links to Yuval Bar-Or’s media mentions.

As a public speaker, Yuval addresses a variety of topics. Some of the more common topics include:
1. Pillars of Wealth: Financial literacy for medical professionals (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, etc.)
2. The Science of Risk.
– There are many sources of risk
– Your emotions are your worst enemy
– How to make better decisions
3. Play to Prosper: Winning the Investing Game
– Who is and is not on your investing team
– How to win the game
– How to evaluate your coach—the financial advisor
4. Leveling the Investing Game’s Playing Field
– What can you do to protect yourself

Dr. Bar-Or also welcomes requests for customized presentations.

To discuss potential speaking opportunities, please contact Dr. Bar-Or at The Light Brigade site.